After 50 years, The CT honors its history

CT-og-2-e1556131967667-678x381.jpgA few months ago, Ryan Rich, the design editor, and I were clicking through the archives of The Commonwealth Times when we happened upon a cover that caught our attention. The first issue of The CT featured a young woman in late ‘60s garb holding a sign. The design work, the dress collar, the entire image felt like a relic.

The date on the publication was Sept. 10, 1969. It didn’t take long to realize the significance of the upcoming calendar year.

“Let’s put out a special issue for the 50th anniversary,” Ryan said, or something to that effect.

He mocked up a front page mimicking the design of The CT’s inaugural publication, and the concept was born.

This special section aims to recreate the design of the first issue of The Commonwealth Times, — as closely as possible when our tools involve almost exclusively the Adobe Suite — and showcase some highlights of our history. It’s far from comprehensive; 50 years can’t be condensed into eight pages. What I hope we’ve achieved is an eclectic mix that gives a taste of all The CT has been: a “rag-tag” community of students, a player in the underground scene and a hub for award-winning journalism.

Read the rest at The Commonwealth Times.

This story, in addition to “How The CT covered major school shootings when ‘nothing like this had happened before’” and “The CT’s most notable hate, compiled” are part of a special edition Georgia spearheaded at The Commonwealth Times, for which she is executive editor, to honor the paper’s 50th anniversary.

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